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    Welcome to the Dartmouth Public School District!

    Our Mission is to provide a quality education for all learners.  As a high performing school district, we engage students in their education in ways that inspire curiosity and foster a powerful and long lasting yearn for knowledge.  Our shared belief in the power of individual potential promotes the creation of a culture of rigorous expectations and a strong commitment to providing opportunities for success for all members of this vibrant learning community. 

    The accomplishments of the Dartmouth District can be attributed to the efforts of talented and dedicated professionals, a supportive community, and a commitment to educating "the whole child". We are dedicated to establishing and sustaining standards of teaching practice at optimum levels of effectiveness at every grade level and across all content areas to ensure our students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to participate richly and fully in a dynamic 21st Century global economy. 

    This is an exciting yet complex time to be in education.  Social media, accountability, high stakes, rapidly changing technology tools, societal issues, state and federal mandates and financial concerns are just a few of the topics that impact the daily work of educators. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “this is no ordinary time.”  As a result, “It takes a village" has taken on enhanced significance, the concept becoming paramount to school and student success.  

    As we look forward to a new school year, we invite you to join our village. Partner with us to ensure the Dartmouth Public School District continues as an exemplary place of learning for all! 

    Bonny L. Gifford, Ed.D.

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