• Excellent attendance and school success go hand in hand.  The more often a student is absent the harder it is for the student to keep up with the class

    Student Abscence:
    At anytime that your child is not going to be in school, you MUST call the school office to report the absence.  You may leave a voicemail on the school's "Student Attendance" line at any time. Call the office at 508-996-8259.  Please include the following information:

    Child's name
    Grade level
    Teacher's name
    Reason for absence.
    --If a call is not received the districts automated calling system will call to confirm that your child was absent from school. 

    Students may be excused from school attendance for the following reasons:

    A Dr. Note -- illness or injury
    A bereavement in the family
    Court Appearances with a note from the court
    Nurse Dismissals
    Other exceptional reasons with the approval of the school Administrator​
    --An excused absence still shows up on your child's attendence record but if in the event that there is an attendence issue, the excused absences are taken into consideration.​
    When a student has accumulated 5 unexcused absences...state law requires we notify parents and offer to meet and develop a plan to improve attendance.   When a student has accumulated 10 or more unexcused absences....state law requires us to meet and develop a plan for attendance.  

    We strongly discourage families from taking vacations when school is in session. 
    The school calendar is published in advance of the upcoming school year.
    **Teachers are not required to provide missed assignments for students on vacation.** 

    Dartmouth Public School Attendance Officer investigates attendance problems.  The officer works in the community, visits homes, and counsel students and their families.  When necessary, the Attendance Officer files and represents chronic cases in Juvenile Court.