• Grade 8 students who are at Dartmouth Middle School

    • All DMS students will have a presentation by one of DHS school counselors
    • All grade 8 students will complete course selection even if they have applied to another school. This allows DHS to plan in case they change their high school choice. 


    Grade 8 students who are applying as School Choice

    • Once families have been notified, their child has been selected through the lottery the high school registration process must be completed by the family.
    • Once the registration is completed, the alpha assigned school counselor will receive a new student registration email. The high school counselor will reach out to the family to complete course selection for Dartmouth High School.


    How to complete course selection in Aspen: Screen Castify Video on how to complete course selection in Aspen!

    1. Log into aspen

    2. Click on My Info top tab

    3. Click on Requests side tab

    4. Students will then go through each area and pick courses. Students will also need to pick 4 alternate classes.

    5. Students have completed course selection when they have picked 7 credits total and 4 alternate classes. They do not need to submit/post their course request, once they pick 7 credits and 4 alternates, they are done.

    Grade 8 Course Selection Presentation

    Program of Study School Year 20204-2025