• George H. Potter School opened in 1957 serving families from the extreme north end of town.  In 1967 a large addition almost doubling the total number of classrooms was completed as the town began to offer Kindergarten.
    The school was named for Judge George H. Potter, who served on the Dartmouth School Committee for many years.  The footprint of the original building as well as the addition is the same as our sister school, the Joseph DeMello School located in the south end of town.
    We currently offer 3 classes in grade levels Kindergarten through Fifth grade and 1 Pre-K classroom which also has it's own seperate outside recess area for our Pre-K students.  In addition to our 19 classroom teachers, we offer a number of services, both academic and emotional support as well as a variety of therapy services.

    Dartmouth Public Schools are dedicated to"Quality Learning for All." 
    Dartmouth Public School teachers and administrators have developed the Essential Learnings of our curriculum.  Essential Learnings are important statements describing the "big picture" concepts, content, and skills that students learn.  Communicating about what students will learn enhances parent, school, and community partnerships that will help your child develop his/her potential as lifelong learners.