•    School Vision

    The Joseph DeMello School, in partnership with parents and the community, will ensure that all students receive quality educational experiences that foster academic, physical, social, and emotional development. We will provide specific instructional strategies to empower students to think critically, solve problems and become respectful, responsible, contributing citizens. Students will demonstrate responsibility for their learning.
    We will assure that:
    ·      All students will receive high quality, standards-based instruction which will allow them to meet or exceed 
           standards in all subject areas.
    ·      Students will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the middle school.
    ·      The school community will model and encourage values, excellence and mutual respect.

    School Motto

     At DeMello School, we are attempting to create a school-wide culture characterized by academic achievement, respect, honesty, compassion, responsibility and acceptance. We feel these attributes will help the children to become successful students and DeMello School community members.  We highlight some of these values in our DeMello School Motto: "DeMello Students are Respectful, Responsible and Friendly."  We emphasize our motto through the use of PowerPoint Point presentations, our respect campaign, the Second Step Program, and class lessons conducted by our outreach social worker.